Dominik Fellmann Discovered the art of film making as a 13 year old creating wrestling videos with friends on VHS film. This has in tern snowballed into his passion and career. 

After an internship in Paris a lifelong love for film was incorporated into his professional life. It has been his passion to document his surrounds and show his view of landscapes, emotions, visuals, personality and everything in between. He is experienced in the mediums of digital and analog videography/photography and applies this into all of his works. Growing up with a heavy influence of snowboarding, sports filmography was a big draw. Analog Film and cinematic photography however became an aesthetic Dominik loved and started to apply it to non conventional styles such as snowboarding and other sports films. shooting at 24f/s became a common application in everything he captured, due to his love of the style, as he now applies to all his current work.

Currently he is into this thing about Oldtimer Car Dedication.

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Director & Camera


 "Molly / Double cup für uns 2" - Little Miss Sunshine Music Video 2017

Royal Arena Graffiti Gallery Recap 2016

B-Sides Festival Luzern Recap 2016

Swiss Freeski The Movie 2015

Wes21&ONUR "One Wall" Urban Nation Berlin - Documentary 2015

Royal Arena Graffiti Gallery Recap 2015

Summerstage Festival Recap 2015

Richmond Mural Project The Making - Documentary 2014

"Road To Eldorado Christmas" - Eldorado FM Concert Documentary 2014

Royal Arena Graffiti Gallery Recap 2014

Summerstage Festival Recap 2014

Greenfield Festival Recap 2014

Swiss Freeski - THE MOVIE 2014

"All die Büecher" - Lo & Leduc Music Video 2014

"Easy 1 Mai. Zürich 2014" - Short Film 2014

BJJ & MMA Frota Team Spirit / Zürich Switzerland You Tube 2014

"Villa Poker" - Short Film 2014

"Indigo" - Moskito Music Video 2014

"Bonker Inferno Vol. 2" - Battle Rap Documentary 2013

"Crystal Fighters - Plage" Alternativ Music Video 2011

"A Day In Fribourg" - Short Film 2011

"APPRECIATE THAT!" - Sport Documentary 2010

"COLOR ME" - Sport Documentary 2009

"STILL ILL" - Sport Documentary 2003


2nd Camera

"Ikea - Outdoor Kitchen" Commercial 2016

"Fools Gold - Isenseven" Sport Documentary 2012

"HUCK FINN - Never Disappear" Music Video 2011

"STILL STANDING" Sport Documentary 2011

"Gather&Ride" Sport Documentary 2008

"Hunt&Gather" Sport Documentary 2007



Wes21&ONUR "One Wall Project" Urban Nation Berlin 2015

Richmond Mural Project The Making 2014

"Road to Eldorado Christmas" Concert Documentary 2014 (Unreleased)

Appreciate That ! Sport Documentary Live Visual Show 2010

Swiss Shooto MMA Amateur & Professional Finals You Tube 2014

Dedicated Movie Premiere Luzern 2008



"Acht Blumen" Short Film - 2nd Set Assistant 2012

"OFF BEAT" Feature Film - Production Design Assistant 2011


Co Work

TUNA production


Act Entertainment

KKL Luzern

Shaba Pictures




Hillton Production


Red Bull