Smut Peddlers Club at Südpol Luzern

Since forever i remember this Idea jammin with my fellow homies in the basement and just be raw about everything. So i needed to make this Idea come true; A Place where you gather to create something special in combination with people you maybe never met before.  Because i believe thats where moste of the never ending searching magic happen.

So here it is; Smut Peddlers Club, join us or follow for updates about Sessions and Recordings or Livestream <3



1. Mai Zürich 2014

We went to Zürich for Vice Magazin to ask the People what they here for.  Been a interesting experience, because everything seemed so easy and chill. All of the years media showed me that other Image; 1. Mai is always Riot in Zürich. I just loved to put this amazing Song by Son Lux "Easy" to some leftover Footage on this Clip, its a Match!

See the "In the Queue: Erster Mai Zürich on Vice:

Lost in Space

Since my friend Urs introduced me to his amazing telescope i felt in love with Space.  It feels so free to me, imagine the Universe. Having a trip without a trip! And then came Moderat. I like to dedicate this Video to the Hubble Telescope, the beautiful Music of Moderat and for gods sake to humankind: Stop fighting, stop hating, stop war and learn to fly. 

All die Büecher - Lo & Leduc

Lo & Leduc released their first Solo Release in Switzerland and i had the opportunity to be DoP on their Musicvideo "All die Büecher" we worked together with Balthasar, a great Man & Friend of the guys. This Musicvideo we shoot superfast and i really like the Result. Thank you Boys !

Artist: Lo & Leduc
Titel: All die Büecher
Copyright: Bakara Music - 2014
Regie und Schnitt: Joder von Rotz
Kamera: Dominik Fellmann
Produktion: Lo & Leduc
Grafik: Pixelfarm
Schwarzweiss Archivmaterial: Balthasar Kübler
Dank an: Amos, Anayo, Balthasar, Cosima, David, Djibril, Dominik, Eric, Julia, Joder, Lukas, Maurice, Oliver, Rabea, Saliou, Salome, Tako & Mauricio